Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

Learning the complexities of writing is a never-ending process.  For those who think they’ve obtained knowledge of all they need to know about their craft …think again.


While I’ve learned a lot about the technical aspects of writing, became educated and experienced on the marketing of a published novel, and have a good grip on the whole process from concept to implementation, I’m learning there’s still a lot more wisdom to acquire.  Well, I actually already knew that lesson, but this new phase I’m entering has me learning to step outside my comfort zone.


I hope I can explain this in simple turns.  I don’t mean being able to move forward and succeed when I find myself outside said comfort zone.  But, to make the choice to actually step into the unknown with a hunger to learn more, experience more, and fill my repertoire of knowledge with new, strange and complex knowledge, thereby expanding wisdom.  Have I lost you, yet?


In stepping into the unfamiliar, I’m learning a lot more about myself as a writer and as a woman.  I like what I’m discovering.  Perhaps not everyone will like the new, emerging me, so it’s a good thing I live, write and love FOR me, not anyone else.  I’m falling madly in love with the woman I’m discovering, and am enjoying new skills, new talents and a new style of writing.


If I could part any kind of wisdom today, it would be to keep your mind wide open and never stop learning.


Till next time,

~T.L. Gray


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