The Potemkin Village of the Social Media World – Jeff Suwak

The Potemkin Village of the Social Media World.

Another excellent and honest article in the Prague Review by author Jeff Suwak. But be warned before you read this article – you might find your toes stepped on and your pride a little bruised, but if you truly listen to the wisdom inside, you might find a little freedom.

 ” I think too much about shit. I’m aware of this. It’s part of the reason that I spend most of my Friday nights either alone or sitting in some dingy dive bar shouting at befuddled, bleary-eyed drunks about things like the existential implications of artificial intelligence, the social-psychological makeup of suicide cults, or the reasons that Igor Vovchanchyn will always be my favorite mixed martial arts of all time.

What’s on my mind today, and what I’d like to talk about here, is social media, relative deprivation, and Sidney Jourard. Please, bear with me. I think this is going to make sense. It might even be good.”

~Jeff Suwak

To read more, visit …  (image source)

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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