Good Morning, World – 05/01/2014 – Buried Treasure



I realize how much I’m valued by how I’m treated.  I’m so tired of being told how precious and beautiful I am, but only in the shadows, in a place with no light.  I’m even more tired of useless words.  I want to stuff cotton in my ears and drown out the noise of empty platitudes.  Show me, don’t tell me.  If I’m part of your life, then share me in the open, because I refuse to be buried beneath the dirt.

~T.L. Gray

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One thought on “Good Morning, World – 05/01/2014 – Buried Treasure

  1. One of the concepts of behavioral psychology can be summed up in this one quote: You teach people how to treat you. I’m not being a smarty-pants here…just repeating something I’ve read and taught AND have had to remind myself of over and over again.

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