Understanding Humanity

Understanding Humanity

One of the biggest themes in my current WIP is an archangel experiencing and learning about the complexities of humanity.  I’m really curious what he discovers in the end (I haven’t written the ending yet), because the thing that confuses me most is humanity, or more specific  – human emotion and the way we sometimes treat one another. I’m a human, I should understand it, but I don’t.  People confuse the hell out of me.  They’re unpredictable, and quite frankly, disappoint me often.

One of my good friends really loves to ‘tell me like it is’ and sometimes makes a comment that I’m too hard on people and hold them to too high a standard; that I make people feel like they can never please me because I expect too much.  What am I supposed to do with that?  Apologize that I expect people to be decent, to act with goodness and kindness, to make reasonable decisions, to expect them to do and try their best?  Perhaps he’s right.  Perhaps I do hold people to a higher standard, but not something that I don’t hold myself to first.

Some people are just assholes – self-centered egotists, who can’t get their head’s out of their asses long enough to think about other people.  They’re often miserable in their quest for success or domination, but it only makes them end up alone or surrounded with people just as shallow as they are – now, that I find very sad.  Most of the time they don’t understand why they feel empty or like shit, because they’re not thinking about what they’re pouring into themselves or into the lives of the people that come into their circle.  What  you eat, what you read, what you watch, what you participate in, what your habits are – that’s what makes you who you are, determines how you feel, and creates the atmosphere in which you live.  If you only consider yourself and what YOU want – you’re not sharing yourself with the people around you, therefore you won’t enjoy the fruits of their true friendship.  You get the semblance of a friendship.  But a true friendship is an invaluable treasure.  All those fake friends don’t mean shit and will scatter like the wind if  you actually ever needed any of them.

I love my friends and I have some of the best friends in the world because they genuinely care about me.  They love me, and I love them more than I could ever express to them.  They share their fears, hopes, complaints, and aspirations with me, and provide an ear and support for me to share mine.  That’s what friendship is – and exchange of who we are as human beings.  It can’t be all give or take – or else it’s not a real friendship.

I’d rather have one true friend than a thousand acquaintances.  I do truly believe in the golden rule – that we should treat others as we want to be treated.  But think about that – would you want to be treated the way you treat others?  Would you want to be treated with disrespect, indifference, arrogance, selfishness, contempt, prejudice, etc.  Would you want to be played, lied to, cheated on, hurt, abused, or used?  Would you want to be ignored, bullied, or just thrown away?

Be careful how you treat others.  Try to understand humanity.  Karma is a bitch. You want friends, be a friend.  You want love, love.  You want happiness, spread happiness.  You want life – live.  And for those cancers that come into your life and try to drag you down with their negativity, prejudice, arrogance, and selfishness – give them an opportunity to change, but if they don’t, cut them out like a cancerous tumor lest they kill you both.

I’m a very rich woman because I have a few true great friends.

Till next time,

~A Grateful Friend

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One thought on “Understanding Humanity

  1. If nobody judged we’d fix the world in a week.

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