The Lioness

The Lioness

Alright… slap my hands if you want, but this meme made me think of Maroon 5​’s song “Animals”… and I like it. LOL! This will be my new poem for today.

“… Baby, I’m preying on you tonight. Hunt you down, eat you alive, just like animals… animals… like animals, oh. Maybe you think that you can hide. I can smell your scent for miles, just like animals …animals… like animals, oh.”

This is the Second of five poems which I have agreed to write for the ART AND POETRY SERIES
(A crusade of poets around the world to spread our poetic love.)
The challenge:
*Each nominated poet/poetess will post a poem daily for 5 days and will nominate 5 poets for each posted poem. The purpose of this crusade is to make a huge poetic chain.
Here are five nominations (everyone’s a poet). Take the challenge if you would like, or not. Your choice.

Nan Shartel​, Christian Fennell​, Adam Hornyak​, Kelly Gray​, Chris Martin​

The Lioness

She’s wise and stealthy, and works hard every day.
But when the sun sets, her pride is fed, and her kingdom free,
A different hunger stirs inside, one only her king can meet.

She walks around with a regal gait,
too wild to be tamed,too vicious to be caged.
Only by her side and beneath his mane, can he satisfy her inner rage.

Listen to her purr like a kitten, when her king is a king.

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