It’s All About the Little Things

 Its All About the Little Things

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The devil is in the details.”  That often puts a negative spin and mindset on the little things, the fine print, the details, the unseen parts.  While it is where disclaimers, restrictions, and exclusions are often listed, it’s also the where the frame work resides.  Ever tried to build something without framework?  There’s no support, no boundaries, no definition and without the stability of a good foundation or framework, what we build crumbles, falls, implodes, withers, evaporates, and comes apart.

Building a good foundation or setting a good framework is the hardest part when we’re building something.  It’s the boring part. It’s the inner workings no one can see in our masterpieces.  Most people only see the outward appearance, the art, the display, the picture.  But how many see the frame, the canvas, the inner workings, or the lode-bearing supports?  Only another designer, architect, artist or builder recognizes how it’s all about the little things.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle the little, ordinary things in life.  Are you the type of person that does the least to maintain, or do you take your time and make sure that whatever you’re doing is done to the best of your ability?  Do you do your best only on the things you love, or do you work with a spirit of excellence in all things?  Pay attention, take an assessment and truly evaluate your work.  When you wash the dishes, do you really take your time to make sure that not only are the dishes clean, but so is the stove, the counter, the spot behind the faucet, or the space beneath the coffee pot?  While we might not think such trivial thing make a difference, they really do.  It tells a lot about the type of person you are.  It tells more about how you feel about yourself more than anything.  When it’s just you and nobody else sees your effort, and you STILL give it your best shot, that’s your true framework.

I notice the little things. I look for them. I see you, the real you, the you that you are when you think no one is looking.  We are so judged in this world by our masks, our outward appearances, our metrics, our test results, our accomplishments, our awards, our trophies, our titles, our income, our possessions, our associations, our belts.  I see YOU.  It’s all about the little things. 

Till Next Time,

~The Magnifying Glass










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